Our History

History of the Leaders Loudon Police Chiefs
History is about individual sacrifice and dedication to duty, not just dates and events. Current members of the Loudon Police Department have made a great effort to bring a true account of the history that goes with the police department. City of Loudon Police Department history can be traced back to late 30's early 40's.
The first Police Chief that could be found through personal account and relatives is Chief George Sweeney who served sometime in late 30's into the early 40's. There is not much known about Chief Sweeney other he was the grandfather to current City Mayor Inkey Sweeney.
Police Chief Thomas served during the 50's. He is the father of "Cotton" Thomas a current member of the Loudon utility board. During Chief Thomas' watch as Chief tragedy struck the police department. On April 23, 1954 Robert Sam Hickey was struck in his patrol car while on an alarm call. The accident happened at the corner of Grove and Mulberry Street. Officer Hickey succumbed to those injuries and died two days later on April 25. Chief Thomas retired in 1957.
Bud Sewell was appointed police chief in 1957. Little is known about Chief Sewell except that he rode his horse while on duty.
The following picture is the police department in 1964.
Gerald Lane was a 4-year law enforcement veteran when he was appointed chief of police by Police Commissioner Frank Robinson Jr. on January 1, 1966. Chief Lane served 2 years with the Loudon County Sheriff's Department before taking a job with the city of Loudon. At 29 years of age he is the youngest police chief Loudon has ever had. After being appointed he promised the residents of Loudon an effective and efficient police force.
John Lennex became Chief in April 1969 he was hired at the police department in 1962. Chief Lennex had the longest tenure as Police Chief. Chief Lennex retired in October of 1991. The men who worked under Chief Lennex say that he was a fair no nonsense man who expected the best out of everyone who worked for him.
The following picture is the police department in 1971.
The following picture is the police department in the mid-1970's.
Chief Bill Grimes started at the police department in 60's. Chief Grimes worked as a Sergeant with the police department for many years before becoming Police Chief in 1991. Chief Grimes retired from the Police Department in March of 1995
Chief John Mills came in as Chief in March of 1995. Chief Mills worked mid-night shift as a Sergeant. During Chief Mills tenure as Chief the Police Department expanded into a new building located at 100 Cedar St. Chief Mills played a big part in getting the police department moved from the 201 Alma Place location where the department had been at for years. Chief Mills retired in 1997.
In September of 1997 Bill Anderson was appointed Police Chief. Chief Anderson had worn many hats in the police department such as training officer, firearms instructor and the department's first detective. Chief Anderson retired in March of 2004.
Former Police Chief James Bear Webb retired in 2022. He was a lot like former Chief Anderson in that he, also, had many jobs inside the police department. Chief Webb served as an evening shift supervisor, training officer, and later in his career a detective for the police department. Chief Webb was responsible for bringing back the traditional black-and-white police cars.