Financial Reports

The City  Recorder is responsible for the control of all financial activities of the City, including the Annual Budget; Business License and Taxes; Annual Comprehensive Financial Report; Capital Improvements Program; Purchasing Program; Surplus Auction; and Property Taxes.

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Financial Reports10 documents

  • City Charter
    document seq 10.00
  • Municipal Code
    document seq 20.00
  • FYE 2018 Audit Report
    document seq 30.00
  • FYE 2019 Audit Report
    document seq 40.00
  • FYE 2020 Audit Report
    document seq 50.00
  • FYE 2021 Audit Report
    document seq 60.00
  • FYE 2022 Audit Report
    document seq 70.00
  • FYE 2023 Audit Report
    document seq 80.00
  • FYE 2020 Budget
    document seq 200.00
  • FYE 2021 Budget
    document seq 201.00