Every small town in America has drug problems and unfortunately our little corner of the country has not been spared. The sale and use of illicit narcotics and abuse of prescription medicines are comparable to cancer eating away at the infrastructure of our workplaces, neighborhoods and schools. Our small police department is challenged on a daily basis standing between the relentless flow of drug addiction and the innocent victims of our community. The following are some of the approaches that we use in the war on drugs, considering the resources we are limited with:

Drug awareness education in our schools and community K-9 unit for searches in stopped vehicles, executing search warrants, and random searches of schools. Assignment of officers to the District Attorney's 9th Judicial District Drug Task Force. (9th DTF)

Any information that you would have to assist in the war on drugs would be appreciated and kept confidential.

City of Loudon Police Department
100 Cedar Street
Loudon, TN 37774
Phone: 865-458-4423

For more information on the D.A.R.E. program in our local schools, please visit the official DARE website:

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