About Us

The City of Loudon Police Department is located at 100 Cedar Street, and shares this location with the fire department. The Fire & Police Headquarters is situated between the Tennessee River, the Loudon County Courthouse Annex and the US Hwy #11 River Bridge.

The City of Loudon Police Department prides itself in serving the residents of Loudon, visitors, travelers and people who have chosen to make their livelihoods here in our city. Our residential population is estimated to be around 6,235 people (U.S. 2021 Census). However, considering the manufacturing plants, schools and parks located inside our city limits where many come from other areas to work and play; our service population can be estimated even higher than our residential.

There are many different aspects and methods that we utilize to protect our citizenry, most notable is a proactive & professional approach to law enforcement.

Here in Loudon our officers strive on a daily basis to proactively & professionally seek out those who choose to ignore the laws that were designed to help keep everyone safe.

One of the significant reasons our officers prioritize this activity is that the officers of the City of Loudon Police Department are stakeholders in the community. Most all have family residing and working here,  many are involved in youth sports, churches, and community organizations. We all feel it is our duty and obligation to make every effort to make our community safe and more desirable to live in.

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Mailing Address:
City of Loudon Police Department 100 Cedar Street
Loudon, TN 37774

Phone Numbers:
Emergency: 911
Office (Non-emergency): 865-408-0408
Municipal Court: 865-408-0408

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