Fire Safety

The City of Loudon Fire Department promotes public fire education and fire safety every chance we are afforded. We are actively in the elementary and middle schools within our jurisdiction teaching all aspects of fire safety. We also routinely provide fire safety surveys in homes, businesses, nursing homes and assisted living centers.

The City of Loudon Fire Department also has in place a smoke detector program in which we offer smoke detectors to citizens free of charge. We will also install smoke detectors for citizens who need assistance in doing so.

Provided within our website you will find several different links to websites which contain a lot of in depth fire safety material.

Some of the high points our Department covers when teaching fire safety is as follows.

  • Practice fire drills in your home with your family routinely
  • If your clothes catch of fire stop, drop and roll
  • Immediately exit your home in the event of a fire
  • Stay low while getting out of your home if there is fire or smoke present
  • Ensure there is at a minimum one smoke detector on every level of your home
  • Test your smoke detectors monthly to ensure proper operation
  • Ensure you change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year (when you set your clocks forward and back an hour is a suggested time)
  • Once out of your house, stay out (don't go back in)
  • Have a safe meeting place for your family to gather once outside the home
  • Feel doors before opening them with the back of your hand, if the door is hot do not open it

The City of Loudon Fire Department is available to assist citizens in home fire drills, smoke detector installation placement, and home fire safety surveys. Contact Loudon Fire Department if you have a question or need assistance in any area relating to public fire education and fire safety.

Fire Safety Links: