Burn Permits

Burn permits for open burning in the City of Loudon can be obtained through the City of Loudon Fire Department.

Permits are only issued for the day the burning will take place.

Before a permit is issued, Loudon Fire Department may inspect the site where the burning shall take place.  Once the permit is issued, Loudon Fire Department will check on the open burn to ensure the burn permit requirements are being followed.

Listed below are the requirements for the burn permit

  1. No material may be authorized to be burned if that material is also authorized for curbside solid waste pick-up, or convenience center drop off with subsequent disposal by the City. Only clean wood waste and vegetation grown on the property may be burned. Any man-made materials (including manufactured lumber and building products, garbage, rubbish, refuse, trash or tires) may NOT be burned, and are not authorized for burning by this permit.. Wood waste is NOT manufactured lumber or building products.
  2. This permit does not authorize businesses to burn vegetation like leaves and brush (other than wood waste), if it is transported from the property of origin for disposal.
  3. Permits shall not be issued for opening burning of wood waste for land development except with the use of an air curtain destructor or air curtain incinerator. Property containing burn site must be 20 acres in size.
  4. Controlled burning shall not be done on windy days, or at night. Burning must also be limited to days when air quality is forecasted to be Good or Moderate. Burning is not allowed on days which are forecast to be Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups or worse.
  5. The person who is issued this permit (thereafter the Responsible Person) is responsible for the fire, and any damage the fire may create if it is allowed to spread. The Responsible Person shall ensure that a portable fire extinguisher or water source is available at the permitted location of the fire, and will be sufficient to control the fire if necessary to prevent spread of the fire. The Responsible Person shall ensure that the fire is attended until it is fully extinguished.
  6. No open burning shall talk place within a mile of a nursing home, school, or State highway. All open fires greater than 3 feet in diameter shall be located at least 50 feet from all structures. All open fires less than 3 feet in diameter shall be located at least 25 feet from all structures. If the materials to be burned are located in an approved, heat resistant container, the fire must be located no less than 15 feet from a structure.
  8. Fires not out or extinguished by nightfall by the responsible person, or fires that are in violation of any part of this permit shall hereby be in violation of this permit and extinguished by Loudon Fire Department at the expense of the responsible person. Fees for such shall include hourly rate for Fire apparatus while in use (minimum 1 hour) and the hourly rates of all Firefighters present to extinguish the fire.
  9. Burn permit is good for ONLY one day. Permits are only issued for the day the burning will take place.
  10. If any problems arise the Responsible Person must immediately call the fire department through 911.
  11. This permit meets guidelines outlined in the City of Loudon, code of ordinances and in the Tennessee Department of conservations rule 1200 3-4, open burning.
  12. Complaints to the Fire Department regarding smoke, blowing embers, etc. will result in fire units being dispatched to extinguish the fire. A new permit must be obtained to continue the burn at a later date.